Diana Nino

Vice President

Amara Kraft


Chris Bhatla


Khashina Tonks-Turcotte

Social Coordinator

Gabrielle Boutros

Grad rep

Devan Howes

Academic Rep

Oliver Terry

Professional Rep

Patrick Fyfe

Sports Rep

Daniel Zhao

4th Year Rep

Oliver Terry

3rd Year Rep

Jason Hu

Co-2nd Year Rep

Emilie Boras

Co-2nd Year Rep

Julia Zhuravleva

Co-2nd Year Rep

Shelby Quiring


Vending Manager

Clubroom Manager

Masaki Hiratsuka

Mech Sales Rep

Kimberly Chan


Wilson Hsu

Newsletter Editor

Amara kraft

Foosball Manager

Taylor Simpson

Slipstick Rep

E-Week Rep

Gabrielle Boutros

Publicity Rep

Kirsten Meng

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We will still need many of these positions filled. Note that we can always have more than one person fill a position and we can have multiple social coordinators and year reps.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the Mech Club President for more information. Elections for the unfilled positions will be in September 2018.