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Student club for all Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia

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All Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students are a part of Club Mech, and  a portion of their student fees support the services that Club Mech provides.  Club Mech represents students in the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) as well as within the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Club Mech has a seat on the EUS Council, which means it provides representation in all EUS Council decisions.  Club Mech also attends various feedback sessions and department meetings and gives the Mech Dept. student feedback regarding course curriculum and other issues that students may have such as courseload, classroom and lab spaces or resources and equipment.  In CEME 2207, Club Mech has a clubroom that is open to all Mech students.  It has couches, foosball tables, gaming consoles, a ping pong table, free lockers, kitchen space, fridge, microwaves, toaster oven, coffee maker, kettle, sink, some dishes/cutlery, and some of the cheapest vendies on campus.  The room is a great place to eat lunch, relax between classes, vent about classes or just get homework done.  It is also where Club Mech hosts some of its smaller events.

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